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500 Executive club

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At the '500 Executive Boxing Club,' we cultivate elite professionals with a passion for boxing. We merge the discipline of the ring with the strategy of the boardroom, offering a tailored experience that elevates both physical prowess and professional acumen. Join us, and master the art of success — in the ring and in life


Presented by
Fernando Gonzalez
Founder & head coach 

Fernando Gonzalez is the coach you want in your corner. He is someone you can relate to as a financial broker, insurance broker, investor and entrepreneur. He treats you as a real professional. Coach Fernando is Certified by USA BOXING. His unrivaled passion makes him the gold standard in coaching. Training under Fernando isn't just an experience; it's a privilege. With him, you're not merely learning the ropes; you're being sculpted by the very best in the game.

25 reservations only

Enrollment ends December 1st

Starts January 8th 2024

Monday - Friday
5:00 am - 7:00 am

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