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5:00 am - 7:00 am



Who is this for?

  1. Adult Beginners: Newbies eager to dive into the world of boxing and build foundational skills.

  2. Fitness Enthusiasts: Individuals seeking a high-intensity, diverse workout to elevate their fitness routine.

  3. Self-Defense Learners: Those aiming to acquire basic boxing techniques for self-protection and confidence-building.

3 day agenda

Learn what it takes to be a boxer in 3 days


Day 1: Conditioning Mastery

Step into the world of boxing with a rigorous conditioning regimen. Our Day 1 activities are designed to not only enhance your physical stamina but also solidify your core strength. Through a curated blend of exercises, you'll push your body's limits. Alongside the physical, we delve deep into cultivating the mental tenacity intrinsic to every boxing legend. Prepare to be challenged and to conquer.


Day 2: Footwork Fundamentals

Footwork, often an underestimated skill, stands as the backbone of successful boxing. Our specialized drills and expert-guided sessions aim to teach you the art of defensive evasion and offensive positioning. As you practice, you'll begin to appreciate the elegance of seamless movement, understanding the pivotal role it plays in outmaneuvering opponents. Lace up for a day of graceful power.


Day 3: Power in the Punch

On the final day, we venture into the heart of boxing—striking. Dive into an in-depth exploration of punches, from the swift jab to the mighty uppercut. Each punch, when executed correctly, carries a symphony of form, rotation, and alignment. Through hands-on training, you'll not only learn to throw these punches but also understand the mechanics behind them, ensuring power without compromising safety. Embrace the thrill of impact as you bolster your striking arsenal.

Accept the challenge

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