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About Us



At First Glove Boxing Academy, our vision is to create an empowering environment where our students can express themselves and grow through boxing. Our academy fosters discipline, respect, dedication, safety, and trust with a focus on anti-bullying. We are shaping beginner and skilled athletes into champions inside and outside the ring.


dISCIPLINE. dedication. safety. respect. trust.

Our Story

At First Glove Boxing Academy we are more than a gym, we are family. 

First Glove started as a dream. To build a community for youths to have a safe space to learn boxing with a focus on anti-bullying. We have worked hard to turn that dream in into a reality with a growing community of youths and adult athletes all focused on making themselves great.

At our academy, we instill discipline into our aspiring athletes - teaching the value of perseverance and self-control in both the ring and in life. We foster an atmosphere of respect, cultivating empathy, sportsmanship, and appreciation for the diverse backgrounds and experiences that each individual brings. Central to our ethos is trust – trust in our coaches, in fellow teammates, and most importantly in oneself.


As a result of our commitment to these values, we envision a future where the graduates of First Glove Boxing Academy emerge not only as skilled boxers but as well-rounded, confident, and compassionate individuals, poised to excel in the ring and in society. Together, we are shaping the champions of tomorrow, both inside and outside the ring.

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